Pandit Shyam Ji Krishna Verma

He was born in Mandvi – a town – in the province of Kaccha, Gujarat in a Vaishya family in 1857. He moved to Mumbai and was admitted to Wilson High School. Despite his admission he continued to study Sanskrit privately. Although his family was not rich, his drive was recognized as by a rich man who eventually became his father-in-law in 1875. This is the same year the first Arya Samaj was established in Mumbai. Later that year, Swami ji met Shyam ji and recognized his extraordinary capabilities. Swami ji asked Shyam ji to continue and intense study of Sanskrit. Shyam ji helped in the publication of the translation of the Vedas. In 1879, Shyam ji went to England to study law. He was regularly in touch – through letters – with Swami ji. After coming back to India, he – once again – returned to England in 1897. He was very active while living in England in fighting for self-rule. There, he established what became known as the “India House” – where young freedom fighters, such as Lala Hardayal, Champak Raman Pillai, Madame Kama, Sardar Singh Rana, and Veer Savarkar came in his contact and became his followers. He met Nehru ji while in Switzerland, and on May 31, 1930 he passed away in Switzerland. He strongly believed that the oppression of the Indian peoples is to be opposed. Despite having spent most of his life outside of India, he could give lectures in Sanskrit fluently, and he had a full command on “ashtadhyayee.”