Professor Indra Vidhya Vachaspathi

Swami Shradhaanand had two sons and since he wanted to give a clear message that he had full faith in the newly established Gurukul Kaangadi, he admitted both his sons, Pundit Harishchandra Ji and younger son Professor Indra Vachaspathi, to the gurukul. Indra was born on When Indra was only two years old, his mother died. Professor Indra Vidhya Vachaspathi was the administrator in charge of gurukul in 1917 and managed the institution until 1960. He was married and had a son. He participated in the freedom movement and was imprisoned a few times. He wrote extensively, lectured greatly, and had an intense command on Sanskrit and at one point the Muslim League wanted to confiscate the Satyaartth Prakash. Professor Indra Vidhya Vachaspathi was one of the only people who successfully opposed that and was also a member of Rajya Sabha. He remained active until his death on the 22nd of August, 1960.